Monday, April 30, 2012

Mother's Day Sale

My etsy shop is currently having a Mother's Day Sale.  Use coupon code: MOMDAY20 to get 20% off the price listing.  That's $4 off of $20, $10 off of $50!  Please visit my shop.  

There are great gifts for first-time moms such as the nursing shawls.  

There are fun gifts for adventurous moms: head jewelry.  

Or you can just take a look at everything.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a local woman asking if I could make a special headpiece for her to wear for her wedding.  She was planning to wear a silver and beige top with ivory and pearl net sari.  I was a little intimidated with the request because her wedding was in 4 weeks and I've never made something like she was requesting.  (Not to mention she was VERY specific about how she wanted it to look and even how it would be made.)

She sent me the extra piece of fabric from her top and her sari, a few pictures, a call on the phone, and I made it.  She was actually very ecstatic expressing her appreciation and approval when she saw the finished piece (that really helps my self-confidence!)  And here is the finished piece.  I have to say, I 'dream' about doing business and seeking approval of my work from people in other cultures that I admire.  I was pretty excited to share the news with a few family members and friends that I had this little commission.  Below shows the process and the photo of the piece that inspired the bride.

the process
It is made with sari top brocade, felt, bias tape, embroidered pieces from the sari, pearls, and ribbon.

photo from etsy-click here to see

Friday, April 20, 2012

Forest Fairy Elven Jewelry

 I just made this 'Forest Elf' head jewelry as a similar version of another piece that you can find in my etsy shop.  The other one is silver with clear beads.  I found these glass leaf beads a few years ago and just finally found a good way to use them.  I'm pretty happy with this look, and will probably develop and improve it more.

Here are a bunch of pictures.  Etsy only has space for 5 photos per listing, so here are some extras on top of the original 5.  

Thanks for looking-
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Simple Drawstring Skirt One-size-fits-most

My aunt needed a couple of trek skirts for the stake youth conference coming up, but they were for unspecified young women.  I have no idea the height or weight of the girls, so I had brain storm an idea so that it would fit anyone or most anyone AND look a little attractive so that they would wear it.

Here is the pattern I came up with.  It has a waistband in the front and a drawstring/tie back.  The back half extends to 40 inches in length from one side of the front to the other.  The front is about 14.5 inches across.  That is about 54 inches, give or take for the waist expansion.

I used a Full Size Bed Sheet.  I used the top and bottom edges for the hems of the skirt.  The + 2.5" hem is the extra length needed if you are NOT using a bed sheet.  I made 2 skirts- one for a 5'8" girl and another for a 5'4" girl out of one bed sheet with a little extra leftover.  I apologize if these are confusing patterns or instructions- someone with a little knowledge of basic construction should do okay with it.  Most of the 'how to' is with pictures.  If you need clarification, just let me know!
Here are the measurements and instructions