Monday, April 23, 2012

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a local woman asking if I could make a special headpiece for her to wear for her wedding.  She was planning to wear a silver and beige top with ivory and pearl net sari.  I was a little intimidated with the request because her wedding was in 4 weeks and I've never made something like she was requesting.  (Not to mention she was VERY specific about how she wanted it to look and even how it would be made.)

She sent me the extra piece of fabric from her top and her sari, a few pictures, a call on the phone, and I made it.  She was actually very ecstatic expressing her appreciation and approval when she saw the finished piece (that really helps my self-confidence!)  And here is the finished piece.  I have to say, I 'dream' about doing business and seeking approval of my work from people in other cultures that I admire.  I was pretty excited to share the news with a few family members and friends that I had this little commission.  Below shows the process and the photo of the piece that inspired the bride.

the process
It is made with sari top brocade, felt, bias tape, embroidered pieces from the sari, pearls, and ribbon.

photo from etsy-click here to see

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