Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gold and Green Sari Jewelry

I really liked a bracelet that my friend Dora had in her Etsy shop but, of course, I had to see if I could make one myself for myself.  I looked all over at bead stores to find the beads, certain that she found them nearby.  Nope, she found them at a bead show a long time ago.  So I looked online and found some that would work pretty well for me.  I had bought these gold beads recently and thought they might look good together.  I got distracted and still haven't made the one like Dora's.  I need better garnets...

Dora makes awesome jewelry!

I don't usually make necklaces, but thought I would try this one out.  I usually make head jewelry.

I've listed this in my shop if you're interested.


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